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Free Business Listings

Yes, the basic business listing is still free to Alberton-based businesses. Kindly check to make sure that all the information displayed online is 100%.  If there are

any changes email us.  Listings are displayed on a first come first serve basis and is not alphabetically listed.  Only your business' name, address and telephone

number is displayed with this listing.  No pornographic, spam, hate speech etc. will be allowed.


Advanced Business Listing

Want more exposure for your business?  Why not get an advance business listing?  This listing will give display your logo, business name, contact person,

telephone, fax, email and website address.  This exclusive offering is available at a price of R300 per year.  This listing is available to any business that is

providing a service or product to the Alberton community and will include the basic and advanced listing as one solution (no pornographic, spam, hate speech etc.

will be allowed).  Four additional categories are available when taking the Advanced Business Listing which is R100 per category per year.  The categories can be

taken up during the year of the Advanced Business listing and must be aligned to your business.


Mini Webpage

Don't have a website?  No problem you can opt for a mini webpage on our website.  For only R300 per year you will receive a mini website for 12 months.  Your

webpage will be listed under www.alberton.co.za/companyname and you can print this on your business cards This is available to any business that is providing

a service or product to the Alberton community (no pornographic, spam, hate speech etc. will be allowed).  So hurry up  and book your spot today! 


Verify your Business

We will verify your business in terms of location, contactability and ensure that your information is correct. We will then mark your business as "verified" that will

give potential clients peace of mind. This will be done annually and the price is R100 once off.  This is included in the first year when taking an Advanced

Business Listing.


Twitter Advertising

Get your specials and business name out there by advertising through Alberton's Twitter.  We send out specials or general advertising (no pronographic, spam, hate speech etc. will be allowed) at only R10 per Tweet.  Three Tweets a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) will cost you only R30 for the 3 Tweets.  Weekly Tweets will cost you R40 per week (every day a Tweet will be sent).  All Tweets are based on a per request basis i.e. book for a week or two or a month etc. or can be customized to your requirements.


Lost and Found Pets

Find your lost pet or advertise a found pet for FREE through Alberton's Twitter. Send us an email here and give us the date, time, location of pet found/lost, your contact detail etc. and we will send it out via Twitter.


Kindly email us here with your advertising requirements.


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